Brontë Studies: The Journal of the Brontë Society, Volume 30 Part 2 July 2005

Publication Date 2005
Publisher Bronte Society
Binding Paperback
Condition Good+, sound copy
SKU 18360
Notes Hint of rubbing to points. Unevenly faded to back. Clean and sound.


Paginated 93-184pp. Articles include: Anne Brontë’s ‘Sacred Harmony’; All Women are Grisettes in Villette; The Mystery of ‘Kitty Bell’: A Possible Solutions; Fraudulent Closure in Villette’s ‘Faubourg Clotilde’; Female Reading Communities in Jane Eyre; Turns in the Circle of Friendship: ‘Uncle Fennell’; The Portrait of Haworth in the Life of Charlotte Brontë; etc.
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