Words and Rules: The Ingredients of Language

Pinker, Steven
Publication Date 1999
ISBN 0297816470
Publisher Weidenfeld & Nicholson
Binding Hardback
SKU 12335
Notes Has possibly been a little wet at some point as a few pages are a little wrinkled to edges. Some rubbing and creasing to edge of dust wrapper. Clean and sound.


Hardback. xi, 348pp. In Words and Rules, Pinker explains the profound mysteries of language by picking a deceptively single phenomenon and examining it from every angle. The phenomenon - regular and irregular verbs - connects an astonishing array of topics in the sciences and humanities: the history of languages; the theories of Noam Chomsky and his critics; the attempts to simulate language using computer simulations of neural networks; the illuminating errors of children as they begin to speak; the nature of human concepts; the peculiarities of the English language; major ideas in the history of Western philosophy; the latest techniques in identifying genes and imaging the living brain.
Price: £10.00
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