Moral Knowledge and Ethical Character

Audi, Robert
Publication Date 1997
ISBN 0195114698
Publisher Oxford University Press,
Binding Paperback
Condition Good+, sound copy
SKU 14120
Notes Slightly rubbed. Clean and sound.


Paperback. xi, 304pp. Introduction: Four Dimensions of Ethical Theory -- I. Moral Epistemology. 1. Internalism and Externalism in Moral Epistemology. 2. Intuitionism, Pluralism, and the Foundations of Ethics. 3. Skepticism in Theory and Practice: Justification and Truth, Rationality and Goodness -- II. Ethical Concepts and Moral Realism. 4. Moral Epistemology and the Supervenience of Ethical Concepts. 5. Ethical Naturalism and the Explanatory Power of Moral Concepts -- III. Character, Responsibility, and Virtue. 6. Self-Deception, Rationalization, and the Ethics of Belief: An Essay in Moral Psychology. 7. Responsible Action and Virtuous Character. 8. Acting from Virtue -- IV. Practical Reason and the Foundations of Ethics. 9. Autonomy, Reason, and Desire. 10. Moral Judgment and Reasons for Action. 11. Intrinsic Value and the Dignity of Persons. 12. Conclusion: The Moral Justification of Actions and the Ethical Character of Persons.
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