Sociological Theory and Philosophical Analysis: A Collection

Emmet, Dorothy and Alasdair MacIntyre (editors)
Publication Date 1970
ISBN 0333105222
Publisher Macmillan,
Binding Paperback
Condition Good copy
SKU 12583
Notes Pages are tanned. Rather rubbed including some colour loss to spine. Clean and sound.


Paperback. xxiv, 232 p. Sociology and philosophy reader, edited with an introduction by Dorothy Emmet and Alasdair MacIntyre. Includes: Concept and Theory Formation in the Social Sciences by A. Schutz; Is it a Science? by S. Morgenbesser; Knowledge and Interest by J. Habermas; Sociological Explanation by T. Burns;Methodological Individualism Reconsidered by S. Lukes; The Problem of Rationality in the Social World by A. Schutz; Concepts and Society by E. Gellner; Symbols in Ndembu Ritual by V. Turner; Telstar and the Aborigines or La pensée sauvage, by E. Leach; Groote Eylandt totemism and Le Totémisme aujourd'hui, by P. Worsley,
Price: £3.50
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