Speaking Minds: Interviews with Twenty Eminent Cognitive Scientists

Baumgartner, Peter and Sabine Payr (editors)
Publication Date 1995
ISBN 0691036780
Publisher Princeton University Press,
Binding Hardback
Condition Very good copy in good dust wrapper
SKU 15180
Notes Grey cloth with white titles to spine is very clean. Slightly worn to spine ends. Dust wrapper is somewhat rubbed. Very clean and sound.


Hardback. vi, 342pp. First edition. Take it apart and see how it runs - Patricia Smith Churchland; Neural networks and commonsense - Paul M. Churchland; Cognition and cultural belief - Aaron V. Cicourel; In defense of AI - Daniel C. Dennett; Cognitivism abandoned - Hubert L. Dreyfus; The folly of simulation - Jerry A. Fodor; Farewell to GOFAI? - John Haugeland; Embodied minds and meanings - George Lakoff; Toward a pragmatic connectionism - James L. McClelland; The serial imperative - Allen Newell; Gestalt psychology redux - Stephen E. Palmer; Against the new associationism - Hilary Putnam; From searching to seeing - David E. Rumelhart; Ontology is the question - John R. Searle;The hardware really matters - Terrence J. Sejnowski; Technology is not the problem - Herbert A. Simon; The myth of the last metaphor - Joseph Weizenbaum; Why play the philosophy game? - Robert Wilensky; Computers and social values - Terry A. Winograd; The albatross of classical logic -Lotfi A. Zadeh.
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