Writers, Critics and Children: Articles from Children's Literature in Education

Fox, Geoffrey, Graham Hammond, Terry Jones, Frederic Smith and Kenneth Sterck (editors)
Publication Date 1976
Publisher Agathon Press / Heinemann
Binding Paperback
Condition Good+, sound copy
SKU 18061
Notes Neatly covered in permanent plastic. Clean and sound.


Paperback. 245pp. Includes pieces by Nina Bawden, Joan Aiken, Gillian Avery, Geoffrey Trease, Penelope Farmer, Peter Dickinson, Ted Hughes, Russell Hoban etc., and articles on K. M. Peyton’s Flambards, A Wizard of Earthsea, C. S. Lewis, E. B. White, myth, the politics of children’s literature, differences between children’s novels and adults’ novesl, etc.
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